Princess Madeleine & Prince Carl Philip Of Sweden’s Children’s Royal Status Has Been Removed By The King

Five infant grandchildren of King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden have been stripped of their royal status and will not be expected to perform public duties when they grow up, the Swedish royal palace announced today. ⁣

The five youngsters, aged between one and five, are the offspring of the King’s two younger children, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Madeleine, and their respective spouses. ⁣

This means they are not directly in line to the throne. ⁣

Crown Princess Victoria, King Carl XVI Gustaf Victoria & Princess Estelle

⁣The five children will still be members of the royal family, but will not be referred to as His or Her Royal Highness and will not have access to taxpayer funds. ⁣

Both Princess Madeleine & Prince Carl Philip released statements. ⁣

Princess Madeleine: “Earlier today, the court announced that Leonore, Nicolas and Adrienne will no longer belong to the royal house. This change has been planned for a long time. Chris and I think it’s good that our children are now getting a greater opportunity to shape their own lives as private individuals in the future.”⁣

Prince Carl Philip: “Today, the King announced the decision that our children no longer hold the Royal Highness position. We see this as positive as Alexander and Gabriel will have freer choices in life.”⁣

“They will retain their prince titles and their duchies, Södermanland and Dalarna, which we value and are proud of. Our family has strong connections to both landscapes and we maintain our commitment there.⁣”

“We will continue to focus on our heart issues and commitment. We will also continue to support the King and Crown Princess our future head of state and participate in the King’s House activities as we wish.”